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Welcome visitorThe Advo-Angle features interviews of KMEA and NAfME Leadership, music teachers, administrators, prominent public figures, and community members. Each of these interviews can be used as a tool to enhance one’s knowledge, skills and tools of Music Advocacy.s to your site with a short, engaging introduction. 

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Jamie Minneman.jpg

Jamie Minneman

Jamie Minneman 12.12.23.MP3Charles M.
00:00 / 18:23
Kurt Headshot.jpeg

Christopher Kurt

Christopher Kurt part 1 11.17.23.MP3Charles M.
00:00 / 12:51
Christopher Kurt part 2 11.17.23.MP3PART TWO
00:00 / 10:19

Jamie Minneman is the President of Kansas Music Educators Association and has been a teacher for many years in Kansas. President Minneman is an instrument music teacher who has taught at all levels and currently teaches at Barton County Community College. Christopher Kurt is Southeast district Advocacy Chairperson and a vocal music teacher in Independence, KS.

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Dr. Tim Photo.png

Dr. Tim Lautzenheizer

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser 2.7.22Dr. Tim
00:00 / 13:15
Dr. Charles Menghini Photo.png

Dr. Charles Menghini

Charles T. Menghini 1.28.22Charles M.
00:00 / 27:34
Marcia Neel Photo.png

Marcia Neel

Marcia Neel Interview 2.9.22Artist Name
00:00 / 25:55

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, or Dr. Tim as we affectionately refer to him, is a master of music advocacy. He brings his ideas in a fun and entertaining manner. Dr. Tim has numerous publications and videos and is a motivational speaker for Music Educators and beyond. He created Attitude Concepts for Today, Inc. in 1981, and he has continued to motivate music teachers for years. Please visit his website: Dr. Charles Menghini is the President Emeritus, VanderCook College of Music, Chicago, IL, a Co-Author, Essential Elements Band Method, Hal Leonard LLC, and an Educational Member of the Music Achievement Council for NAMM. He talks about relationships, communication and good music advocacy at any level. Please check-out his Podcast called “Band Talk with Charlie Menghini and Friends.” Marcia Neel is the President of Music Education Consultants, Inc. and Senior Director of Education Yamaha Corporation of America. She taught in Las Vegas, Nevada for many years and talks about her experiences there. Marcia also has an idea a moment in this interview for all music classrooms to use and adapt. Marcia mentions that music teachers would check-out the information about “First Performance National Day of Celebration” at the NAMM Foundation at:

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Mickey Smith Jr 2.jpg

Mickey Smith, Jr.

Mickey Smith Jr InterviewDr. Tim
00:00 / 20:04

Dr. Julie Yu-Oppenheim

Dr. Julie Yu INterviewCharles M.
00:00 / 21:38
Jazzmone Sutton.png

Jazzmone Sutton

Jazzmone Sutton InterviewArtist Name
00:00 / 24:32

Mickey Smith, Jr. is not just any teacher. Mickey is the 2020 Grammy Music Educator Award Recipient. He is also a speaker, musician, author and educator encourager. You can find out more about him on his website www.MickeySmithJr.comDr. Julie Yu-Oppenheim is a Co-Director of the Kansas State University Choral Music program. She has spent her life playing piano and conducting since she was a young child of a military family in Germany. Dr. Yu talks how her piano lessons brought about the relevance of music education in her life, and about the importance of working hard in music to create music advocacy, which will last! NAfME State Advocacy Engagement Manager Jazzmone Sutton talks about her position with the National Association for Music Education or NAfME. She discusses how important it is to know both your positives and your negatives when being a good music advocate.

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John Taylor picture.png

Dr. John Taylor

John Taylor Interview 10.13.19Dr. Tim
00:00 / 10:23

Mark Gard

Gae Phillips picture.png

Gae Phillips

Gae Phillips 10.10.19Artist Name
00:00 / 09:15
Mike Quilling picture.png

Mike Quilling

Mark Gard InterviewCharles M.
00:00 / 18:11
Mike Quilling Interview 10.14.19Artist Name
00:00 / 10:06

KMEA Executive Director Dr. John Taylor reflects upon his early influences which lead him to music and ultimately a Music Advocate. Dr. Taylor encourages all new educators to “get involved” and make friends with other music colleagues from Day One! KMEA President Mark Gard talks about good hometown advocacy and his Strategic Plan for Kansas Music Educators. Mark teaches Choral Music in historic Coffeyville, Kansas in the Southeast KMEA District. KMEA Vice President Gae Phillips talks about influences which lead her to music and ultimately a Music Advocate. President Phillips share some of her ideas to promote Music Advocacy. NAfME Southwest District President Mike Quilling talks about his music programs in his early years and gives advice on working with school district Administrators and School Board members. Mike is a former Kansas Music Educators Association President.

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Tiffany Kerns

Tiffany Kerns InterviewCharles M.
00:00 / 19:46

Tiffany Kerns is the CEO of the Country Music Association Foundation, or CMA Foundation in Nashville, TN. The CMA Foundation is a tremendous partner with NAfME for the support of music education. The CMA Foundation is an organization which awards grants to music teachers and programs each year. Tiffany gives great insight into what the CMA Foundation is about and speaks about teachers as the “CEO” of their classrooms. This interview will change your thinking about the music teacher in the music classroom.

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Fred Dierksen.jpg

Dr. Fred Dierksen

Fred Dierksen 10.14.19Dr. Tim
00:00 / 09:30
Craig Manteuffel.jpg

Craig Manteuffel

Elton Armbrister Picture.jpg

Elton Armbrister

Elton Armbrister Interview 10.28.19Artist Name
00:00 / 09:07
Ben Jones.jpg

Ben Jones

Craig Manteuffel 10.28.19Charles M.
00:00 / 12:30
Ben Jones 10.29.19Artist Name
00:00 / 10:21

Dr. Fred Dierksen is the Superintendent of Dodge City Public Schools, U.S.D. 443 in Dodge City, KS. His school district is a large district in Western Kansas and has Head Start, Pre-School, 9 Elementary schools, 2 Middle schools, and 1 6A High School. Dr. Dierksen has had the opportunity of working on many boards and has worked in smaller districts too. Currently, he is on one of Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s Education Boards. Craig Manteuffel is the Assistant Executive Director for Kansas High School Activities Association (KSHSAA). His office is in Topeka, KS. Craig oversees all activities in Kansas dealing with High School Performing Arts, which includes Music. Craig is a former Music Teacher and talks about his perspective of programs which succeed and how they do it. Elton Armbrister is the Principal of Wheatland Elementary school in Andover, KS. He brings a lot of Music experience to his administrative position, as he taught Band for many years. Elton talks about the value of having a plan when talking to administrators about budgets, and the direction of a music program. Ben Jones is the District 7 Representative on the Kansas Board of Education (KSBOE). Ben comes from a great history of music education and talks about his former teachers in his hometown. He talks about some of the biggest challenges in music education and how music educators’ inputs are needed to help with School redesign. Also, Ben talks about how to get the KSBOE involved in your next concert performance!

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Damian Johnson Picture.jpg

Damian Johnson

Damian Johnson 9.24.20_mixdownDr. Tim
00:00 / 22:56
Andrea Dinkel Picture.jpg

Andrea Dinkel

Joey Nickols.png

Joey Nickols

Joey Nichols InterviewArtist Name
00:00 / 22:23

Greg Bergman

Andrea Dinkel 9.22.20_mixdownCharles M.
00:00 / 18:35
Greg Bergman SCKMEA President Interview_mixdownArtist Name
00:00 / 08:48

Damian Johnson is the Director of Bands in Eudora, Kansas. He is also the President of the Kansas Music Educators Association Northeast district. Damian talks about diversity in the classroom as well as teaching to the new times. He believes that music advocacy is very important and shows music advocacy through his bands’ appearances in his community. Andrea Dinkel is the Director of Bands in Galena, Kansas. She is the Southeast district President for Kansas Music Educators Association. Galena is the southern-eastern-most town in Southeast, Kansas (right in the corner by Missouri and Oklahoma). Andrea discusses teaching music during COVID times and how to capture great music advocacy by capturing your community in a magical way. NW KMEA President Joey Nickols talks about taking extra time to work with students to create a mentorship situation. He talks about his roots in music and where he is taking Colby, Kansas. Joey is a bit of a Renaissance Man in Colby as he teaches everything Fine Arts from Music to Speech. SC KMEA President Greg Bergman talks about his thoughts on music advocacy and how life can lead a musician to wanting to work hard for the students. Greg is the current 2021-2023 SC President from Newton, KS.

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Aimee Desotel

Aime Desotel 1.19.22_mixdownDr. Tim
00:00 / 11:35

Jayme K. Hayes


Erika Clausing

Erika Clausing Interview_mixdownArtist Name
00:00 / 07:19

Mary Jo Harper

Jayme Hayes Interview_mixdownCharles M.
00:00 / 16:30
Mary Jo Harper SE Advocacy 1.9.22Artist Name
00:00 / 19:26

Aimee Desotel is a music teacher in the Kansas City area of the state. She is the KMEA Northeast District Advocacy Chairperson. She believes that a key to success is aligning the arts throughout the K-12 system. This alignment creates continuity. Jayme K. Hayes is the South Central Music Advocacy Chairperson. She explains how teaching in disciplines other than one’s emphasis helps a music teacher become more well-rounded. Jayme discusses that more and more, students are not seeing the value of making music and how “Amazing that can be.” Issues with needing instant gratification or learning to fail can contribute to non-retention in music classrooms. Erika Clausing is the Southwest Kansas Advocacy Chairperson and she talks about how longevity can enhance a program’s advocacy. Erika states that a community relationship is a necessity to a music program’s success. Mary Jo Harper is an elementary teacher from Fort Scott, KS. She is also the KMEA Southeast District Advocacy Chairperson. She beleives one great way to teach independency in young musicians is to turn students into small music teachers.

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Lori Supinie

Lori Supinie interview 11.6.19_mixdownCharles M.
00:00 / 11:10
Matt Barusch.png

Matt Barusch

Matt Barusch Interview 10.28.19_mixdownCharles M.
00:00 / 08:34

Lori Supinie is the President of Senseney Music in Wichita, KS, but more importantly is the liaison between KMEA and Kansas Music Merchants Association (KMMA) a branch of the National Association of Music Merchants or NAMM. Lori talks about the importance of supporting local Kansas Music Merchants all over the state and she tells about the wonderful Music Advocacy NAMM and KMMA do to support Music Education in Kansas. Matt Barusch is the former State Advocacy Engagement Manager for the National Association for Music Education or NAfME. Matt talks about some of the areas of his expertise as well as what the NAfME website [] has to offer. Matt explains the Civic-Action-Field Guide and talks about something new from NAfME in 2020! Matt woks at NAfME Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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