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The Advo-Angle is a great resource for Advocacy statements, ideas, or Quick Thoughts to be used in conversation or at public performances. The videos found here are Music Advocacy statements giving affirmation as to what Music “can do” or “has done” in the lives of Musicians.  Some statements are just a simple statement of a measured music fact. Each video on this page was recorded in a unique location in “Our” Kansas towns! The videos come from our Music Rooms, Schools, Theaters, Band Shells, Monuments, Sports Arenas, Vehicles…Anywhere music can be found!

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What is KMEA’s The KsAdvoAngle?

Kelly Knedler, the KMEA Advocacy chairperson, explains the purpose of KMEA’s The KsAdvoAngle.

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Sports Analogies & Music

KMEA Advocacy chairperson Kelly Knedler gives ideas and examples of sports analogies to use in the music classroom.

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Use Music Advo in Your Pre-Show

This video explains how to use Music Advocacy in a Performance Pre-Show. Kelly Knedler, KMEA’s
Advocacy Chairperson gives examples, ideas and insight for creating a Pre-Show.

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KMEA with the CMA Foundation

This video was shot in 2018 through the gracious access of the Country Music Association Foundation
or CMAf. The AdvoAngle spent three days with Nashville Singer-Songwriters (Kansas Native) Nicolle Galyon,
Emily Weisband (Grammy Winner) and Danielle Bradbery (Recording Artist) as they wrote songs with
Kansas Teachers and performed at several schools and in Wichita for a CMA Songwriter Series concert.

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KMEA Music Advocacy @ The KS Capitol

KMEA’s Music Advocacy chairperson, Kelly Knedler, visits the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka, KS for
Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM). Along with Patty Ahern, KMEA’s MIOSM Chairperson, together they get a
Proclamation of Music In Our School Month for March signed by Governor Laura Kelly. An advocacy message
follows the signing.

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Here Comes KMEA's The! website will launch in late-October, 2019. Kelly Knedler, KMEA Advocacy Chairperson
explains what will be included on the site. This was an add for Kansas Music Educators, Administrators,
potential viewers and featured on Social Media.

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KMEA's The Holiday Thoughts website launched in late October, 2019, but if you have a minute over the Holidays….
Then, peruse the and see what is happening in the world of Music Advocacy!

Grey Round Patterns Social Distancing Advocacy knows that the COVID-19 crisis has made it difficult for music educators to fulfill
their normal routine. This video gives ideas for promoting music through social distancing music advocacy.

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Video Testimonials "How Do You Advo?"

These Testimonials were recorded at the Kansas Music Educators Association in-Service Workshop in February, 2020. These testimonials are from Teachers, Students, Parents, District Administrators and Kansas Board of Education members.

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